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Printed circuit boards and electronic equipment

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Your guarantee of quality with every item of Crawford Hansford & Kimber electronic and electrical equipment comes from our ISO 9001 accreditation.

The whole control system is devoted to obtaining quality in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and transformers - such as printed circuit board assemblies, subassemblies, complete products, wound components, toroids, coils, specialist wiring, harnesses and looms.

To guarantee this quality we go to what you might think are unusual lengths.

We take your specification and produce a working prototype. This is then rigorously tested to ensure it meets all your requirements. The process of testing continues once manufacturing begins.

Each sub-assembly is tested - and then the completed product is re-tested - before it is despatched to you.

In this way, we have brought the reject rate down to almost zero for delivered products.

Our speciality is batch-run, purpose-designed products that exactly match your specifications and requirements.

In fact, we guarantee we have met these requirements through the issue of Certificates of Conformity.

Our experience in producing, literally, several thousand original designs gives you a vital cutting edge in the marketplace through the sheer reliability of the purpose-built components we produce for your products.

What's more, we are engaged in a continuous programme of raising quality standards and cutting costs.

We have, for example, now produced printed circuit boards that are fully compliant with RoHS requirements.

In this way we can deliver the extra value and reliability your customers expect.

New EU Environmental Directives will affect your business

With the new EU directives on the Recycling of Hazardous Waste (RoHS) and Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) taking effect in 2006, we have gained a leading edge reputation in this field over the last seven years and can advise you on the stringent standards you will have to reach.

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