Crawford, Hansford and Kimber

An electronics department
where rigorous testing is built
into every stage of manufacture

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Our electronics division handles both the design and the manufacture of items such as printed circuit board assemblies, looms, harnesses and programmable logic controllers as well as complete products and larger control cubicles.

Complex systems integration wiring is a futher speciality we have acquired exceptional expertise in providing through our work on large scale contracts.

We specialise in short run, purpose designed products where quality assurance test engineers inspect and test at each stage of manufacture.

In fact, we have been able to meet both governmental and commercial manufacturing requirements in all cases.

You can further specify your own testing procedures. Certificates of Conformity are issued to guarantee we have met them.

Our over-riding concern is guaranteed quality and reliability in all products at all times.

With the new EU directives on the Recycling of Hazardous Waste (RoHS) and Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) taking effect in 2006, we have gained a leading edge reputation in this field over the last seven years and can advise you on the stringent standards you will have to reach. Click here to find out how these directives will affect your own operation.

Our vast range of experience

Over more than three decades, we have been involved in every type of electronics project work including:

  • Programmable logic controllers for mass transportation systems
  • Systems integration wiring for large cabinets
  • Arctic grade wiring where we both design and manufacture
  • Switchgear enclosures, looms and harnesses for military applications
  • An automatic camera mechanism for photographing the retina of the human eye
  • Outside commentator units for the Olympics
  • Electronic equipment for measuring the viscosity of printer's ink
  • Control equipment for industrial heating/cooling plant
  • Lighting management systems for both industry and the leisure business
  • Cashier's console and control units for petrol pumps
  • Spark chamber for detecting charged particles
  • Vectorscope and waveform monitor units for checking video equipment
  • Industrial temperature controllers for photographic developing
  • Probes for temperature measurement

    Master panel with harness designed by CH&K

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