Crawford, Hansford and Kimber

Our commitment to quality is total

"In the last 10 months, CHK have given us 100% on-time delivery "

Major US OEM

Quality statement

Your guarantee of quality comes from our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Crawford Hansford & Kimber Ltd. designs and manufactures electronic sub assemblies , electrical equipment, wound components and transformers to customer specifications.

It is the company’s policy to strive to match customer requirements and to work to the five promises which we make in writing and by personal representation to our market.

These are:

1. Focus on winning and keeping customer trust

2. Make it easy for customers to contact the person handling their business

3. Welcome customer input at all stages

4. Work with the customer to ensure that there are no bottlenecks

5. Constantly working with the customer towards quality improvement and cost reduction.

The company’s management are committed to providing a better product and service to our customers, by maintaining a quality management system and setting quality objectives for continual improvement.

To this end, all employees are aware of their responsibilities and committed to operating within a system of policies, procedures, work instructions, auditing and training. This is reviewed regularly and is under the overall supervision of the Managing Director.

This policy will be made available to all our customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

John Simmonds
Managing Director
July 2003

How to reach our factory

All manufacturing work is carried out at our air-conditioned factory very close to Farnborough Aerospace Centre.

It can be reached in about 45 minutes from London via either the A3 and A31 or by the M3. Both these routes offer very speedy and straightforward connections, while the M25 is just 14 miles from the factory. (A detailed map can be faxed to you).

The whole area is very much orientated towards the latest technological developments and we see ourselves as part of this general commitment to progress through scientific advances.

Our administration is fully computerised and we have the ability to send and receive files via computer, as well as having an enquiry system that can be accessed via the internet. Simply click the email button link below.

We deliver using our own transport or approved contractors and welcome your personal inspection of our full facilities.

We usually deliver with our own transport for extra reliability

Guide to Farnborogh and accommodation

Contact information

If you would like to find out more about our capabilities, simply phone on 01252 377077 (international - code+44 1252 377077) or fax on 01252 377228 (international - code+44 1252 377228).

We welcome your interest in our quality products.

Our expertise in export markets
Membership of key trade bodies

Exports expertise

Producing state-of-the-art systems means we are obtaining orders from key markets like China and the international research organization CERN in Switzerland. We recently took part in a British trade mission to Japan to discuss the new added-value technologies of cleaner design which major Japanese companies are now pursuing.

Trade Bodies Membership and Associate Companies to CHK

Our membership of trade bodies like the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium and the International Coil Winding Association gives us links with the Computer Software and Systems Association and the Federation of Electronic Industries. This enables us to keep right up to date on all the latest developments in your field.

We also have associated companies to CH&K further boosting our capabilties. In transformer design there is Amethyst Designs while in software systems there is TMB Solutions .

The Department of Trade and Industry has selected Crawford Hansford and Kimber for a pilot project designed to show the benefits of cleaner design for small to medium enterprises seeking to gain a competitive edge.

Find out more about how we can assist you to stay ahead of the competition using the latest technologies.

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Plant Facilities

These are just some of the facilities which enable us to reach the highest possible quality standards. Computer aided design and the ability to accept design files via computer link help speed the process of turning your initial designs into fully tested products. Our specialist short run and batch run capabilities ensure we fully meet your individual requirements.

We also offer you in-house technical advice on electronic and electrical assembly techniques and have a vast fund of expertise to call on.

  • Full range of hand and pneumatically operated tools
  • Batch and prototype assembly
  • Full knowledge of Materials Resource Planning systems
  • Prototype facilities
  • Wire wrapping
  • Component forming
  • Pneumatic crimping
  • Light and heavy duty bobbin winding
  • Toroidal winding
  • High speed winding
  • Automatic laminating
  • Drying and baking ovens
  • Hot dip and vacuum impregnation plant
  • Resin and polymer embedding

  • Stores and materials purchasing

    Materials procurement has always been one of our great strengths. All procedures and parts listings are fully tracked helping to achieve maximum efficiency and quality control.

    We maintain large on-site stores to supply materials to the various departments as required to meet planned assembly schedules.

    With over 2,000 different items in stock we are able to insulate ourselves from interruption of supplies since we are not dependent on third parties. We work with you to plan firm rolling production schedules to ensure continuity and to meet delivery dates.

    Stock control is strict and closely co-ordinated. There is a separate 'bonded' store for use on contracts which specify this requirement and free issues are managed separately.

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    Crawford Hansford & Kimber Ltd

    18 Farnborough Road Farnborough Hampshire GU14 6AY UK
    Tel: (international code) 44-(0)1252 377077
    Fax: (international code) 44-(0)1252 377228
    (for example phone from USA is: 011-44-1252-377077)