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CHK case histories on how to increase productivity in the electronics field

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The online video takes you on a journey into the future of manufacturing productivity in the electronics sector.

Our export capabilities and associate companies.

Producing state-of-the-art systems means we are obtaining orders from key markets like China and the international research organization CERN in Switzerland. We recently took part in a British trade mission to Japan to discuss the new added-value technologies of cleaner design which major Japanese companies are now pursuing.

Our membership of trade bodies like the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium and the International Coil Winding Association gives us links with the Computer Software and Systems Association and the Federation of Electronic Industries. This enables us to keep right up to date on all the latest developments in your field.

In fact, the Department of Trade and Industry has selected Crawford Hansford and Kimber for a pilot project designed to show the benefits of cleaner design for small to medium enterprises seeking to gain a competitive edge.

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