Crawford Hansford and Kimber

Our experience in producing
over 2,000 designs
means we can produce every type of transformer

CHK can produce transformers and wound components to meet every possible specification and have developed over 2,000 original designs. Whatever your requirement, we can come up with exactly the right component for it.

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Our most important design types are:
  • Mains
  • Toroids
  • LVDT
  • Switch mode power supply
    Other coil types include:
  • Auto
  • Audio Frequency Amplifier
  • EHT
  • Furnace
  • Low Voltage
  • Portable Tool
  • Polyphase
  • Power
  • Spark ignition
  • Step-down
  • Sub-miniature
  • Voltage
    as well as
  • Chokes (power)
  • Chokes (smoothing)
  • Chokes (swinging)
  • Within these general descriptions, we can design and manufacture all types of coils.

    We specialise in:
    Voltage rating up to 5KV
    Current rating up to 100 Amperes
    VA rating up to 5KVA, Single Phase and Three Phase.

    The coils are supplied precisely to your specification. Basically we need to know: primary voltages, secondary voltages and currents.

    For special applications, such as a transformer for a stabilised DC power supply, you can safely leave all the other specifications to us.

    We will advise you on regulation, temperature rise, rating (continuous or intermittent), insulation resistance, proof testing, construction, mounting and terminations, also on methods of reducing costs.

    Our normal designs use toroids, open type laminations and 'C' and 'E' cores with varnish penetration or full vacuum and pressure impregnation.

    Completely enclosed transformers embedded in resin or polymers can be supplied and sub- assemblies added to hold mains selectors, fuses and connectors.

    Guide specifications are UL, CSA, IEC, BASEEFA, EN, CEE, IS0 and BS.

    These specifications are supplemented by our own experience and your own specifications.

    New EU Directives will affect your business, we can help

    With the new EU directives on the Recycling of Hazardous Waste (RoHS) and Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) taking effect in 2006, we have gained a leading edge reputation in this field over the last seven years and can advise you on the stringent standards you will have to reach.

    Click here to find out how these directives will affect your own operation.

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