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Cleaner design gives you a head start in an increasingly demanding marketplace

Halogen-free cabling for the massive European CERN project.

Our design engineers can improve the efficiency and cut the costs of manufacturing your products.

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Find out how you can gain a competitive advantage from using the latest information technology software.

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CH&K can give you a competitive edge in the increasingly demanding electronics marketplace with our cleaner more efficient designs for printed circuit boards and other electronics components

We have recently completed an upgrade programme that now produces printed circuit boards fully compliant with RoHS regulations. We also can provide you with transformers, wound components, coils and toroids incorporating the latest design efficiency advantages and meeting the new RoHS and WEEE standards.

Working with such bodies as The Centre for Sustainable Design and The Design Council, we are building up a formidable experience in this field.

We can show you how to meet the new EU directives WEEE and ROHS governing the use and disposal of hazardous substances in the manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment.

Think it won't affect you?

Take a look at the rapidly growing fridge and tyre mountains building up as environmental laws begin to bite.

WEEE requires that producers be made responsible for the entire collection, treatment and recycling costs of electronics products that contain hazardous substances like lead and mercury.

It will definitely pay you to work with our design teams in eliminating as far as possible any costly hazardous substances from your products.

More information on how CHK can help you meet the new directives.

For example, working for international research organisation CERN in Switzerland we have implemented halogen-free cables on a pilot project.

A data logger we helped a client redesign for the export markets resulted in a sensational 90% reduction in lead content without any loss in efficiency.

Adding value through improved cleaner design is very much part of our design and manufacturing service with printed circuit boards, other electronics components and transformers.

The Department of Trade and Industry has also selected us for a pilot project demonstrating how cleaner more efficient design can actually reduce costs and improve efficiency.

This Sustainable Strategies Initiative project includes backing from the Confederation of British Industries and The Design Council.

Find out more about how your company can get ahead in the ever more competitive electronics markets by using our leading edge design expertise gained over the last seven years.

Indicate on the form below what your areas of interest and operations are and we will give you some insight into how you can improve your product, cut costs and meet the onerous EU regulations that are law from 2006.

Tell us your requirements with this enquiry form.

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Brief description of the electronics product to be manufactured and your general requirements.

For example, *Double-sided printed circuit boards required which involve redesign and some surface mounting. Want to develop some prototypes first of all, then later a full run of 100. Must meet EU WEEE and ROHS directives requirements."

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